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Exhibitors Services

The exhibition areas are available already set up or free, if you wish customize the installations; available types of stand are indicated below.


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Stand Types and 2018 prices

The prices do not include the compulsory Registration fee*, as indicated below, and are subject to VAT if due



Type A Stand (4 x 4 mt.)
Euro 3.840,00

> Boundary walls in modular panels, supported by anodised aluminium structures
> grey carpet
> 2 tables measuring 140 x 80 x 70 cm
> 2 "Plia" chairs, 12 bookshelves, 2 spotlights
> 1 electric outlet (220V), frontal sign, wastepaper basket, fire extinguisher
> daily stand cleaning

Variation A 1 (corner):
On request and subject to availability, corner stands will be allocated with right or left-hand opening and including one extra table and chair.

Type B Stand (4 x 8 m)
4 x 4 m display area > 4 x 4 m facing rear > lounge
Euro 6365,00

> Boundary walls in modular panels, supported by anodised aluminium structures
> Grey carpet

Display Area

2 tables measuring cm 140 x 80 x 70
> 2 "Plia" chairs, 12 bookshelves
> 2 spotlights, 1 electric outlet (220V)
> 1 sign, 1 wastepaper basket


> 1 table measuring 140 x 80 x 70 cm
> 1 "Plia" chair, 3 easy chairs, 1 coffee table
> 2 spotlights, 1 wastepaper basket, fire extinguisher
> daily stand cleaning

Stand A e B



The unfurnished area is entirely without furnishing. 
No walls marking off the area are provided. Therefore, the furnishing must be totally independent and self-supporting .

Facing-aisle module (4x4 m) 
EUR 2,885.00

Rear module (4x4 m) 
(only in addition to aisle-facing module)
EUR 1,785.00


International Lounge Fee 
EUR 850,00 (compulsory Registration fee included)

2 m display panels
1 table, 4 chairs
Reception desk assistance
4 bookshelves
1 spotlight, 1 electric outlet (220V)

Compulsory registration fee*
EUR 390,00 

Guest firms registration fee (max. 2 in addition to the holder)
EUR 390,00 for each
Invoiced to the stand holder







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