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Global Kids Connect Conference

Organized by Publishers Weekly and Bologna Children's Book Fair, the second edition of the Global Kids Connect Conference took place in New York last December, as the one and only event in the USA focused on international publishing scenario for kids and on related highlights and up-dating.

The 2016 edition has focused in particular on the Chinese market and on the increasing impact of Brexit  on this field across Europe. The Chinese market analysis shows very positive signs with an increase year to date around 10-15%, according to figures provided by Renee Huang, Everafter Books‘ founder and publisher (Trustbridge Publishing). This performance is driven mainly by illustrated books and by the titles for English young learners, with an excellent share of opportunities coming from online sales. The presence of private companies is increasing  in a tradionally dominated by state-owned companies market Out of 582 state-owned publishing houses, only thirty are focused on children's publishing. The children's books account for about 44% of the revenue of the publishing industry in China and 32% of online sales. The situation in Germany and France is considered stable despite the repercussions of the post Brexit that caused the loss of about one-sixth of  publishing market for children. Despite the British authors are experiencing an advantage in the US market facilitated by the low value of the pound, analysts believe that this advantage is no longer sustainable.


Global Kids Connect

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